About us

Bio jams & Gourmet sauces

when you think about goods moments we usually talk about flavours and feeling: friends and wine, or a family or a partner meal around a fire. Maybe for that reason, one of my favorite memories from my childhood happened when I used to spend summers with my grandparents in their cottage and smelt the flavours from my grandmother’s kitchen.

It is there where our history begins: in Sarteneja, my grandparent’s cottage, located in a irrigated land where, from years, tomatos are grown. In the mornings, before the sunrise, we went out for keeping some tomatoes which after that my grandmother used to prepare in many ways, soup, ¨picadillo¨, with somo olive oil, or in a sacue, my favorite.

Years later, my father thought that we could preserve our tomato sauce and use it during the year. Little by little He began to share it to the family and friends and, such a good reception and thanks to his desire to do new things, we create our brand “Cortijo de Sarteneja”, It means family, traditions and overcoming.

Almost a decade later, we continue to work with products that desire to maintain tradition and also to innovate.

Cortijo de Sarteneja. 2013

Extremadura, Spain