Fried Tomato Sauce 250 g



cultivated in Las Vegas del Guadiana (Extramadura)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Moorish variety
(S.COOP. Virgen de la Estrella,, Extramadura)

Natural salt

Cristina Island

Fried Tomato Sauce 520 g


Family tradition

This gourmet fried tomato sauce recipe is the one my grandmother used to make for us when we spent our summer vacations in the countryside, in Sarteneja, with the tomatoes we picked at sunset. Family tradition.

It is a recipe that preserves the flavor of the past, this sauce has texture, and the point of acidity that the fried tomato sauce must have.

And the fact is that we did not decide it or some label that is good, is that it carries the stamp of my grandmother, that when you enter in her house you know that she is cooking.